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Travel Financing is available to make your holiday unforgettable

Travel Financing from AMS Financial is a straight forward and easy way to acquire funds for travel. If you and your family are in need of a vacation, our travel loans are the perfect solution. Whether you want to spend some quality time with your family on a sandy beach, planning a trip around the world, looking to watch a live sporting event across the ocean, we believe that everyone deserves a bit of down time.


We offer travel loans for anything from organized holidays booked via travel agents, plane tickets to your family home, cruises and even necessary business travel. We will provide you with a variety of financing options to choose from. We offer lower interest rates and affordable monthly repayments to ensure you won’t hurt your monthly budget when you’re paying off the loan.


We offer unsecured loans which you can spread across chosen period of time with fixed monthly repayments and fixed interest rates. We also recommend our 0% credit card travel loan, with no interest for 18 months, option to make flexible repayments month to month and ability to pay it off as early as you want to with no additional charge.


We have simplified our application process for travel finance. All you need is few minutes to fill out our online application and we’ll most likely provide you with a 30 second approval. We are aiming to transfer the funds onto your account within 7 days so you can book your travel quickly and efficiently. We have years of experience and know how to get the loan done quickly and efficiently.


At AMS Financial we offer Travel Agent Financing Programs. If you’re a travel agency looking to provide your customers with easy and affordable financing all you need to do is partner with us. We will look after you customers and provide best customer service we can. Find out how to set up on our partners page.

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