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Why have so many companies switched to My Any Purpose Loan for their Specialty Financing Program?

The short answer is NO LOAN FEES or DISCOUNT FEES EVER.

Plus you are in good company………… We service over 50,000 contractor partners nationwide and give you and your customers the most innovative and competitive finance programs in the market. Since 2004 we have earned our trusted partner reputation by offering the best rates and programs and creating the easiest
contractor financing program for you and your sales staff


All Plans Include the Following Industry Leading Products and Programs:

  • NO DISCOUNT FEES & NO LOAN FEES charged to the service provider, contractor or dealer
  • No Paperwork, no completion certificates and no headaches
  • Finance any product or service with no restrictions
  • 30 Second Approvals/ Fast Funding Process
  • Programs for A through D Credit- No need for any other finance programs
  • Loan Programs and 0% Cards for All 50 States
  • Access to 10+ Unique Loan Programs Including our most popular 4.99% unsecured
  • Access to 15+ Unique 0% Cards Programs including our most popular 0% for 21 months
  • Finance Any Product or Service $1- $100,000
  • 24/7 access to the loan portal
  • No minimum time in business/ no minimum volume requirements

We are My Any Purpose Loan. Who are you ?

I have a small business but am just getting started with financing.

Great News! You can still have access to ALL of the 0% card and loan products for free even if you do very little financing. No catches or expiration dates….really.

My company uses financing now and I want to grow our sales and profit margins with a turnkey financing solution.

Chance Johnson of Clear Choice Windows uses financing to supercharge his marketing, increase sales, create upsell opportunities and to stamp out his local competition.

I run a large company and want to have an enterprise level financing solution for all of our network partners and corporate locations.

Great News! You can still have access to ALL of the 0% card and loan products for free even if you do very little financing. No catches or expiration dates….really.

Great News! You can still have access to ALL of the 0% card and loan products for free even if you do very little financing. No catches or expiration dates….really.

Brianna at Precision Auto Repair and Sales uses financing to supercharge their marketing, increase sales, create upsell opportunities and to stamp out the local competition

Charlie Culver, the CEO of Critter Control uses financing to grow his company and to save his 120 franchisees tens of thousands of dollars annually over their previous specialty financing company.

Dealer and Service Provider Savings Comparison Chart ( If you want us to crunch the numbers)

    • Average Loan Amount/ Financed Amount




    • AMS Loan Fees / Discount Fees




    • National Lender A Loan/ Discount Fees *10% promotional discount fee




    • National Lender B Loan / Discount Fees * 8% promotional discount fee




    • National Lender C Loan/ Discount Fees * 6% promotional discount fee




    • Monthly Savings assumes 5 funded loans per month@10% discount rate




    • Yearly Savings assumes 60 funded loans per year @10% discount rate




My Any Purpose Loan Specialty Financing Saves you money on every deal. Money that can be invested to grow your business. Our competition charges you money on every deal. The more that you finance the more you pay them. Not our idea of a win/ win scenario.

Are you ready to get started now ?

Get started today with the Standard Partner Plan. We are so confident that you will love it and the ROI that we deliver, we offer No Contracts, and absolutely No Risks whatsoever !

We are trusted by over 50,000 companies just like yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can My Any Purpose Loans not charge any discount or loan fees when every other lender in the market does?

Great question and one we get quite often. The short answer is that we have spent years to develop a unique and comprehensive specialty financing solution that charges no loan fees or discount fees. Our goal is to keep innovating and continue to disrupt the consumer finance industry. We strive to innovate every day to bring more value to our partner relationships and to help them grow their business with financing.

Why don’t I just send my clients to your regular website ?

You can, we don’t mind. However our data shows that you will have greater success with our contractor first product. You will use it more often and your customers will be much more likely to get a fast approval through the integrations that we use. The My Any Purpose Loan comes with a branded loan portal, additional support for you and your customers as well as custom sales materials to make it easy to share your unique branded loan portal with your customers. Our chat and phone support team can identify when your customer arrives to your loan portal and this info brings extra value when we provide service to them. Additionally, when they come to your unique loan portal page they will see your logo on the page and it gives them peace of mind that we are a trusted partners.

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We can finance any product or service for any purpose whatsoever........

Home Improvement Loans

  • Basement Remodel Loans
  • Basement Waterproofing Loans
  • Foundation Repair Loans
  • Heating & Air Loans
  • Home Improvement Loans
  • Hot Tub Financing
  • Kitchen Remodel Financing
  • Landscape Financing
  • Roofing Loans
  • Solar Financing
  • Swimming Pool Financing
  • Screen Enclosure Lanai Financing
  • Window, Door & Siding Loans
  • Sunroom Loans
  • Flooring Financing

Recreation Loans

  • Boat Loans
  • Boat Refinancing
  • Destination Club Financing
  • Fractional Loans
  • Golf Membership Financing
  • Marine Products Loans
  • Timeshare Loans
  • Time Share Refinance
  • Bicycle Financing
  • Wave Runner Financing
  • Jet ski Financing
  • Sea Doo Financing
  • Snowmobile/ Snow Machine Financing
  • Fitness Equipment Financing
  • Watercraft Financing

Family Life

  • Adoption Loans
  • PreK-12 Financing
  • Private School Financing
  • Trade School Expense Loans
  • Wedding Loans
  • Funeral Financing
  • Burial Plot Loans
  • Engagement Ring Financing
  • Furniture Financing
  • Jewelry Financing
  • Electronics Financing
  • Vacations Loans
  • Moving Loans
  • Closing cost Loans
  • Water Softener Financing
  • Wedding Loans

Medical & Dental

  • IVF Financing
  • Medical Financing
  • LASIK Financing
  • Cosmetic Surgery Loans
  • Bariatric Surgery Financing
  • Weight Loss Surgery Loans
  • Veterinary Loans
  • Denture Financing
  • Chiropractic Financing
  • Plastic Surgery Financing
  • Fertility Treatment Financing
  • Hearing Aid Financing
  • Medical Financing for Uninsured Patients
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Financing
  • Emergency Surgery Financing

Vehicle Loans

  • Auto Refinance
  • Auto Repair Loans
  • Transmission Repair Loans
  • Classic Car Financing
  • Motorcycle Loans
  • New Car Loans
  • Auto Loan Refinanceo
  • RV Loans
  • RV Refinancing
  • Used Car Loan
  • Motor Home Loans
  • Trailer Financing


  • Aircraft Financing
  • Horse Loans
  • Franchise Financing
  • Business Loans
  • Land Purchase Loans
  • Mobile Home Repair Loans
  • Season Ticket Financing
  • Summer Camp Financing
  • ...or any other financing needs!