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Auto Refinance is available to save you money on your vehicle.

Auto Refinance from AMS Financing is the perfect opportunity for any car owner to lower monthly payments. Have you purchased a vehicle with high rates or unattractive financing?  If your payments are becoming too hard to manage, we can provide you with an affordable as well as competitive car refinance suitable for your specific financial situation even if you have poor credit.


Car finance is a long term commitment which many car owners begin to regret if their financial situation suddenly changes. If having a vehicle is something you rely on, you may try to find a way that allows you to keep the car and lower finance payments, which is why we provide our customers with a variety of car refi programs to choose from.


Our lower rate unsecured loans are a great solution for those who are looking for long term financing and fixed interest rate. We will provide you with an opportunity to split the remaining amount of your finance across a chosen duration which may significantly lower your monthly repayments. We also offer our most popular 0% credit card program with an option to make flexible repayments each month. This is a perfect option for car owners with irregular income. The application process is simple and quick and we provide 30 second approvals in most cases. There are no hidden fees and limited amount of paperwork. Our auto refinance is secure, simple and hassle free.


As the interest rates are constantly changing you may want to rethink a car loan you’re taken out few years ago or even recently. What seems like an insignificant amount may be just a bit of extra cash you need every month, so why not use our loan calculator and find out if you can save by refinancing your existing car loan. At AMS Financial we pride ourselves with great customer service, so if you have any question we will be happy to help.

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