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Timeshare Loans are available to help you enjoy your holidays away

Timeshare Loans from AMS Financial are the perfect way to ensure great holidays, every time. Owning a holiday home can be expensive and a huge burden at the time you’re not there. You have to find someone to maintain it and look after it until you’re ready for another holiday. By time sharing you’ll not only be able to plan your holidays in advance but will also be able to afford a more luxurious holiday accommodation. You will know exactly how much your holiday will cost so you’ll be able to plan your budget more efficiently. If you’re busy on the weeks that have been allocated to you, you can share it with your family, friends or even rent it out. You may also be able to exchange it with timesharerers of different locations.


Timershare Loans from AMS Financial are a simple and easy way to gain funds to purchase a timeshare. Our financing is affordable and competitive. We offer a variety of programs including timeshare refinance for current timeshare owners. Application process is simple and straight forward, our 30 second approvals and transfer of funds within 7 working days may ensure that you purchase your timeshare efficiently and hassle free.


Depending on your current financial status and how much money you want to borrow, we have few timeshare financing options to choose from including lower rate, fixed term unsecured loans and our most popular 0% credit card program, interest free for 18 months. At AMS Financial we have years of experience and know how to get the loan done well.


Are you a timeshare provider? If you don’t already provide financing to your clients, find out more about our timeshare company financing program. Financing can be all the potential owners need to make a decision and purchase from you. Set up on our partners page.

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