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Jewelry Financing is available to add a bit of sparkle into your life

Jewelry Financing from AMS Financial is attractive and hassle free. Whether you’re looking to shower yourself with a bit of luxury or the very special someone around you, our jewellery loans can be the perfect solution for you. Great quality jewelry can be expensive, whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring, wedding rings, watches or even a special locket, excellence in this particular craft cannot be replaced with knock offs and fakes.  So if you’re looking for something very special, we can definitely help you finance it.


We offer a wide range of jewelry financing programs to choose from. If you’re looking for a fixed term loan, with affordable monthly repayments and lower interest rate, our unsecured loans are the perfect choice. If you’d prefer financing where you choose how much you want to pay off each month and decide how quickly you can afford to pay it off completely, we offer a 0% credit card program with 0% interest free credit for 18 months.


Our application process is easy and stress free. You can have the funds in your account in as little as 7 days, following the 30 second approval provided in most cases. To find out about financing options that will be most appropriate for your financial situation and one that will best suit your needs, use our simple loan calculator. At AMS Financial we have several years of experience and know how to get the loan done well.


If you’re a jewellery retailers looking to extend your services and provide your customers with affordable and attractive financing, our jewelry financing program will allow you to do just that. To find out how you can partner with us, visit our partners page.

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