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Electronics Financing is available to enable you to keep up with the latest technology

Electronics Financing from AMS Financial is the perfect solutions for those who are looking to purchase an expensive piece of electronics. Either you have your mind set on a purchase of the highest end TV, newest piece of gaming technology or a home entertainment system, we can provide you with electronics financing for just that. If you’re a small business looking to purchase computers, necessary operating software or electronic equipment required for smooth day to day running of your business, we can find the best financing option for your individual needs.


We offer a wide range of finance programs to choose from based on your requirements, financial situation and financial past. Use our loan calculator to find the best electronic loan for you. Our application process could not be simpler. Fill out a simple form and we will most likely provide you with a 30 second approval. We also aim to transfer the money onto your account within 7 working days.


Whether you’re an individual or a small business we offer unsecured loans for your electronics which means that there is no need to worry about putting any collateral up for it, and the payment terms are simple to follow just by paying the same amount each month. Unsecured loans are low rate and you can choose the duration of the loan. We also offer a manageable and attractive 0% credit card program. This will allow you to fit the payments within your varied monthly budget as you can choose how much you want to pay off each month. You can also pay it off in full whenever you wish without extra charge.


At AMS Financial we want to eliminate any worries and concerns you may have about taking out a loan. We have several years of experience and as trusted and reputable loan provider we will answer any question you may have about available financing programs as well as the application process itself.

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