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Legal Expense Loans and Financing

Legal Expense Loans from AMS Financial are a simple and easy way to take care of legal fees. Everyone deserves a fair representation and a right attorney to fight for the case. However, the fees can be costly and often become a source of unnecessary stress that hangs over your head. We believe that in case of a lawsuit, it’s what you should solely focus on and leave the legal costs with us. Our legal financing is the perfect solution to cover your legal fees quickly, efficiently and virtually paperwork free. We finance fees for any cases including criminal defence loan, DUI expense loan and DWI expense loan.


If you’re worried about your financial situation, we also offer financing for those with lower income and bad credit. We have a variety of Legal Expense Loans available, which means that you can decide on the best option for you based on available interest rates, loan duration and your current savings.


We offer fixed term and low interest unsecured loans, with affordable and manageable repayments as well as a 0% credit card program that allows you to make flexible monthly repayments and pay off the full amount whenever you’re ready. Our application process is simple, easy and in most cases we provide our customers with a 30 second approval. Our aim to transfer the money onto your account within 7 days, to ensure that you can pay your expenses on time without worrying about late fees. We are a trusted lender with years of experience and our aim is to provide our customers with best service possible.


At AMS Financial we offer Attorney Financing Programs for law firms that are looking to offer their clients affordable and competitive financing for legal fees. We offer a straight forward non-committal partnership to help your clients get all the help they require in their time of need. To find our more, visit our partners page.

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