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Debt Consolidation Loan is available to help you take charge of your finances

Debt Consolidation Loan from AMS Financial is the perfect solution for those who are looking to stabilize their finances. Its purpose is to make your debts simpler, easier to manage and less stressful. You may already have multiple credit cards, a store card and an overdraft each with a different interest rate, various amounts left to pay and different days the payments are due. If you’re making minimum payments each month, a bigger amount of interest is added to your debt and it may prove even more difficult to pay off each individual one.


Debt consolidation loans are available to help you merge all your current debts into one. We provide variety of programs to choose from, suitable for your specific needs depending on your circumstances including bad credit consolidation loan which is the perfect solution for those who were refused credit in the past. Dealing with one creditor instead of a few means paying off your debts will be simpler and hassle free. You will make one set payment every month you can sync with all your other direct debits. Our unsecured consolidation loans will help you better plan your monthly outgoings and our affordable interest rates may be able to save you money.


Our consolidation loans can be split across a longer period of time and will also give you a clear indication of when you’ll be entirely debt free. We aim to provide you with a sense of security so you no longer feel like your debts are overtaking your life.


We will help you every step of the way and provide you with all the information you need before you decide to proceed with the loan. Use your simple loan calculator to help you choose the best financing option for you. Our application is easy and straight forwards. 30 second approvals are provided in most cases and we aim to transfer the money onto your account within 7 days.

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