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A Business Loan from AMS Financial has been designed to enable businesses both large and small to gain extra funds for business investments. If you have an idea for a business, believe in its success and require startup capital for product development, office space, permits, licences or any other aspects of your new business, we offer business startup financing to cover all of the initial costs and help you kick start your idea. Choosing the right business financing can be long winded and daunting especially for a novice, but with our easy to use loan calculator, advice and expertise as well as several options to choose from, your business can be on its way to success in no time.


If you’re an existing business looking to make an investment, you can borrow up to $100,000 with attractive interest and stress free application process. We can help you choose the best suitable financing for your business’ specific needs and help you finalise the loan quickly and effectively.


You may need money for necessary office refurbishment, property development, new equipment or machinery. Whatever it is and whatever the circumstances, we offer stable, low rate business loans with long term, fixed monthly repayment as well as 0% credit card program that will give both big and small business the flexibility of the amount of monthly repayments as well as the opportunity to pay the remaining amount of the business loan in full with no additional charge.

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