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Marine Products Loans are available to keep your boat sailing for years

Marine Products Loans from AMS Financial are designed to cover all of the unexpected expenses boat owner have to face each year. Selling a boat is not an option for boat enthusiasts but breakages can often come in least expected time and eat a big chunk of your savings. On top of costly fuel, docking fees, insurance and registration, and obviously taxes, as a boat owners you have to foresee repairs and maintenance. With sailing boats you’re expected to replace the sails every three to five years, powerboats require regular checks and servicing of the engine, replacement of the vessels and repowering can also be a significant expense, not forgetting about winter storage.


Our marine product financing covers all of the above and may be the perfect solution if the unanticipated costs are out of your budget. We also offer a low rate, competitive boat equipment financing that covers anything from fishing and sailing equipment to safety necessities.


We have a variety of marine product loans available to make sure you choose one that’s right for your needs. We offer not only fixed rate unsecured loans, but also our most popular 0% for 18 months credit card program that will allow you to make flexible repayments and fully pay off at the time that’s most convenient for you.


At AMS Financial we partner with marine product stores and offer marine store financing. New service you’ll be able to provide to your customers can bring you new clients and boost your sales as financing may be all the customer needs to make a purchase. To find out more and set up, check out our partners page.


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