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Mobile Home Loan

Mobile Home Loans from AMS Financial is the perfect solution for those who wish to purchase a mobile home. Over 20 million of Americans live in mobile homes and it’s because owning one of those is much more affordable than buying a traditional house and it can be much more convenient. We provide variety of mobile home financing programs to suit your needs and cover the full or partial cost of a mobile home.


Depending on how much you want to borrow, we also provide bad credit mobile home loans, which means that you won’t be turned down, just because your financial situation is not best. We also offer financing for those with lower income. Our programs include fixed rate and fixed term unsecured loans in which case we let you decide on the length of the loan and what you can afford your monthly instalments to be. If you already have a substantial amount of savings and found a mobile home that’s slightly out of your price range, we also offer a 0% credit card program which may be perfect to fill the gap between the cost of the home and your savings.


Our application process is easy and simple. In most cases we provide our applicants with a 30 second approval and aim to have the money with you within 7 days of approval. You can use our loan calculator to provide you with options that best suit your current situation. At AMS Financial we believe that good customer service is the key which is why help is available every step of the way.


We also offer mobile home dealer financing for manufactured home businesses. Our partnership is non-committal and straight forward. You can use our financing as an extension of your service as a loan may be all your customer needs to make the purchase. To find out how to become our dealer partner and how to set us, visit our partners page.

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