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New Car Loans from AMS Financial are a simple and easy way to finance a new vehicle. Sure, you can go for a used car, but you don’t always know how reliable it will be and often you end up paying twice the value for repairs and maintenance. New car makes you feel good. You’re in charge of choosing the specs and the color, it comes with the latest safety features and often extended warranty. You’re the first owner so you know you can rely on it and don’t have to worry about the past history. New car comes with the most important: a peace of mind.  New car dealers will often offer financing, but shopping around can save you money especially if you already have some savings.


We offer a variety of new car financing programs so you can chose the best one for you. If you have set your mind on a brand new vehicle but are worried about your financial past, we can offer you a bad credit car loan. With us you can borrow up to $100,000. Our new car loans are attractive and affordable. We offer lower interest rates and our loan portal is safe and secure. We will also help you finance the cost of insurance or a breakdown cover you may wish to take.


Our unsecured loans are perfect if you’re wishing to pay off the loan over a longer period of time. The interest rate depends on your credit history but it’s competitive and affordable. Most importantly, you can choose the amount of your monthly instalments so they fit around your other monthly outgoings.


If you’ve already saved for your brand new car but wishing to upgrade to a higher spec model we also offer our most popular 0% credit card program. It will cover the difference of the upgraded version. It also allows you to make flexible repayments.


Our application process and simple and efficient and help is available in case you have any questions about our financing.

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