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Motorcycle Loans are available to help you enjoy a brand new ride.

Motorcycle Loans from AMS Financial are simple, easy and will allow you to purchase a motorcycle quickly and hassle free. Owning a motorbike may be something you always dreamed of but let’s not forget about few main advantages such as affordability. Motorbikes are not only cheaper to purchase than a decent car but also more fuel efficient which can help you save money. They use less oil and produce less carbon emission, which means that motorbike are more environments friendly. Furthermore, motorcycle insurance is considerably cheaper, maintenance also costs less and they are easier to drive in traffic.


Our motorcycle loans are very straight forward. Use our loan calculator to choose the best financing program for your needs. We also offer bad credit motorcycle loans and loans for lower incomes. Regardless of your financial situation we can help you obtain a loan quickly and efficiently. We offer lower rate unsecured loans as well as 0% credit card program. You chose your monthly repayments to fit around other monthly outgoings as well as the duration of the loan. Our application process is simple and stress free. We provide 30 second approvals in most cases and aim to have the money with you within 7 days of approval.


From motorcycle financing to watercraft financing and IVT financing, we will provide you with a loan for whatever you require. We’re always there for our customers that require help and have questions about our financing.


At AMS Financial we also offer motorcycle dealer financing for dealers that not yet offer financing to their customers. It’s a simple way to widen the level of service you provide. 0% interest loan may be all your customer needs to upgrade to a better model. Visit our partners page for more information and to find out how to set up.

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